Yogurt for pets? Really? Yes, frozen yogurt for pets! Not only is this frozen treat fun for your dog or cat, it has the benefits of prebiotics and 3 billion live and active probiotic cultures per cup. At times, lactose can be difficult for pets to digest, so we have created a unique formula that is lactose free and contains cultures that are specific to canine or feline digestive needs.

You might now be wondering how this is different than yogurt for humans? After years of making Greek Style Yogurt for humans, we have taken that knowledge and applied it to making a special product just for pets. Our mantra and philosophy are simple—great ingredients make great products. This is true for both human and pet products. We all want to know how our food is being made and that ingredients are of the highest quality. That is why all of the ingredients that we use are 100% Human Grade, 100% FDA & AAFCO compliant and Non-GMO. All of our products are Made in the USA.

All of our milk comes from a single source located in the plush and abundant Central Valley of California. The dairy has been run and cared for by the same family for three generations and they are dedicated to providing the utmost care to their animals. Their philosophy aligns perfectly with ours and was a natural fit for a partnership. We are so very honored to partner with this family.

With those great ingredients, we developed a Greek Style Frozen Yogurt treat that is not only fun for your boss dog to eat but is wholesome and provides probiotics and prebiotics! We created flavors that boss dogs cannot resist: Peanut Butter & Banana, Cheddar & Bacon and our newest one– Pumpkin Cinnamon!

We recommend giving your pet one 3.5 fl oz. cup per day, it’s a great way to reward them, cool down and get those beneficial probiotics and prebiotics.


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