The Boss Dog way to show your dog you love them Five Simple Tips


If you’re like most pet parents, you want to give your dog some love. Whether you feed your pup high quality pet foods and treats, give them belly rubs or take them for long walks in the woods, our dogs know we love them. But sometimes we talk with pet parents who are simply looking for even more ways to show affection.

Five ways to show a dog you love them

  1. Spend time with them. Any time you hang out with your dog is quality time. They love being around us. Sitting on the couch and leaning into you is a treat. Letting them lie at your feet while talking to them makes them feel love.
  1. Take them for a walk in a new location. Your dog will likely find new scents no matter where you walk them, but if you walk around the same neighborhood on the same sidewalks every day, why not shake things up and take a hike or walk in a new area? How about a cemetery? Yes, a cemetery! They are typically beautifully landscaped, have rolling hills and you can learn a lot about your local history. 
  1. Feed them high quality foods and treats. There is no better way to show love than by keeping your pets healthy and well-fed for a lifetime. High quality food and treats like the ones I created for Boss Dog® Brand, will keep your pet at a healthy weight. Great nutrition is the best way to keep your pup’s weight under control and their digestive health strong.
  1. Fun and games. Keep your dog entertained both physically and mentally. A romp in the backyard or a rousing game of fetch is a great way to bond with your pet. Don’t forget that food puzzle toys are fun as well, and can keep them entertained, especially if your dog is home alone.
  1. Train your dog. Puppies benefit from basic obedience training. Positive reinforcement training is a great way to bond with your puppy and make them a great canine citizen. Work with your dog to teach them new tricks once they master basic obedience. Easy tricks to start with are fetch, lie down, shake hands and roll over. Your dog will love the time you spend with them as they learn new skills.

A couple bonus ways to show your dog love is a good, old-fashioned ear rub and just looking him in the eyes and saying, “I love you.” They may not understand the words, but they will understand the emotion. 

Why Boss Dog® Brand cares
I am committed to making the highest quality pet food and treats. When you feed these to your dog, they may not know how much you love them, but you will know and you feel good about feeding them Boss Dog® Brand products. Our products provide unique benefits such as probiotics and prebiotics. Keeping your pet healthy and happy takes conscious decision making. Make the right decision to give your dog the very best. Treat your pet like a boss!

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