The Best Dog Food Bowls

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Surf the internet and you’ll see all kinds of bowls for your pets: silicone, stainless steel, ceramic, stoneware and plastic. But which ones are best for your furry friend? With so many types on the market, we at Boss Dog® Brands wanted to know.

Why you shouldn’t use plastic bowls for your pet
The most common pet food bowls are made of plastic. Did you know plastic bowls can be dangerous for your dog or cat? Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider another type:

  • Not durable: plastic can easily become a chew toy. In just a few minutes, that bowl can cause internal bleeding or intestinal blockage in your pup. That doesn’t even count the vet bill.
  • Bacteria haven: plastic bowls are highly porous, easily scratched, and develop cracks and crevices where unhealthy bacteria can easily grow.
  • BPA: A chemical called Bisphenol A or BPA is used in plastics and studies have shown it causes illnesses like brain and neurological damage, cancer, obesity, etc.

Better bowl options
While plastic isn’t the best, we found tons of other options. We looked at ceramic, stoneware, silicone and stainless steel.

Ceramic pet bowls
Ceramic pet bowls are a good alternative to plastic if the glaze that coats the bowls doesn’t have lead or other kinds of chemicals. The best way to make sure the bowl is safe is to buy a bowl designed for food use and coated with a lead-free glaze.

Stoneware pet bowls
There has been research that has shown some stoneware pet bowls may have lead in them. Researchers have found small traces, but so many products have minute amounts of lead in them, that it’s becoming all too common. Stoneware is not perfect but still better than plastic bowls.

Silicone pet bowls
Silicone is a great alternative to the plastic pet bowl. Nontoxic, nonstick, and rubber-like; high quality silicone products are heat-resistant and don’t harbor stains or odors. Silicone bowls can lack rigidity; however, which means it can flop over. (Think of those collapsible, traveling dog bowls.)

Why stainless steel is the best
At Boss Dog®, all our employees use stainless steel pet bowls to feed our animals. We know they don’t trap dangerous bacteria or leak harmful chemicals. And, they’re easy to care for with some simple soap and hot water. Just toss it into the dishwasher! Many options also feature rubber bottoms to grip the floor, so you don’t have to clean up as often when Fido knocks over his water.

Why Boss Dog® Brand cares
Of course, what you put into your bowls is just as important as the bowl you choose. As a company, we are committed to making the highest quality pet food and treats.  All Boss Dog® products provide unique benefits such as probiotics and prebiotics. And they’re free of grain, soy and corn. Keeping your pet healthy and happy takes conscious decision making. Make the right decision to give your dog or cat the very best. Treat your pet like a boss!

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