Should I give my dog probiotics?


We all know probiotics are great for our digestive system. The live bacteria promotes great gut health, which is safe, healthy and beneficial for us. But what about probiotics for dogs?

The benefits of probiotics for pets

Digestive health is even more important for pets thanks to the fact that their immune system resides in their digestive tract. By providing these beneficial probiotics to your dog’s diet, you are supporting your pet’s digestive system in getting rid of the harmful bacteria that causes illnesses.

Boss Dog® Brand products are made with the highest quality ingredients and provide the probiotics your dog needs. Essentially, probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids, also referred to as SCFA’s. These acids hinder the growth of bacteria that is harmful to your pet, such E. Coli and Salmonella, while encouraging the health of the intestines and the digestive system as a whole.

There have been many scientific studies about the use of probiotics in dogs. Many found that exposing your pet to probiotics can help medical issues such as gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, liver disease as well as mood and behavior problems. Benefits also include better skin and coat appearance, less gas and better breath.

How Boss Dog® Brands support your dog’s gut health

We offer a diverse array of foods and treats that are safe and healthy for your pet. Our Freeze Dried Raw Diet is an easy way to provide your pet with optimal nutrition and you can serve it as a complete meal, snack, topper or mixer with your pet’s other foods. The Freeze Dried Raw Diet comes in several varieties, including “protein first” beef, chicken or whitefish & salmon recipes.  Our Raw Goat Milk, loaded with Probiotics, DHA and Taurine can be used to enhance any meal; and why not finish it off with a boss dog Greek Style Frozen Yogurt Treat for Pets, available in Real Cheddar and Bacon, Peanut Butter and Banana, and Pumpkin and Cinnamon varieties.

One of our top priorities at Boss Dog is providing your pet with delicious food that will appeal to even the most finicky of animals. With our probiotic-infused nutrition, you will know your animal is getting the very best for its digestive system, all while it savors every bite or slurp. Of course, all this care in the creation of our products is simply because we believe in one thing:  you should treat your pet like a boss! They deserve the very best.  Learn more at

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