Probiotics for The Holidays: Boss Dog Brand make the festive season even better for pets


I’m sure any of us who own a dog can admit that we’re guilty of feeding them “people food.” We’re entering a season where food is at the top of everyone’s mind: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and rolls for Thanksgiving. The minute that wears off, we’re faced with a jumbo Christmas ham and all the other sides that come along with it. Of course, with all this food comes leftovers. What better garbage disposal than your four legged pal! While it may seem harmless and occasional, feeding your dog “people food” this holiday season can do more than create bad habits, there are legitimate health risks associated with feeding dogs holiday leftovers.

Dogs need food created for them

People eat people food and dogs eat dog food for a reason: our digestive systems are very different. Dogs can’t process food the same way humans can. For example, certain foods such as a variety of fruits and vegetables that humans digest on a daily basis can be fatal for dogs. Most holiday meals feature an array of different kinds of fruits and veggies. A simple act of kindness from family members or yourself could quickly land a dog in some serious pain and possibly at the emergency vet.

Why your pet needs probiotics

A better way to spend this holiday season with your pet is to treat them to Boss Dog Brand™ products. Our Organic Raw Goat’s Milk can be used as a slurpy holiday treat over your dog’s kibble or wet food and our Greek Frozen Yogurt for Dog’s is perfect for them to lick while you are satisfying your sweet tooth with your grandmother’s pie. Our freeze dried Nuggs are a complete and balanced meal.

Boss Dog Brand™ products are made with the highest quality ingredients and provide added unique benefits such as probiotics, prebiotics, and more. Probiotics are essential to our pets’ diets to ensure overall gut health, which can aid in nutrient absorption, digestion and immune system support. We take away the need to worry whether or not you are treating your pup to something dangerous, like table scraps.

We go to great lengths to ensure that we provide your pet with wholesome foods that they are sure to love and enjoy. Our variety of products support a healthy digestive system that will leave your dog craving for more. Forget the health risks associated with human food and treat your dog like a boss this holiday season. Give them what they deserve: something special, uniquely designed for them.

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