How to puppy or dog proof your home for safety


Welcoming a new puppy or dog to your home means a lot of changes. You’ll potentially face sleepless nights, chewed up shoes and a whole lot of love! If you’ve ever left your new pup home and arrived to find chewed-up shoes, electrical cords, open cupboards and food strewn around, you understand the importance of puppy and dog proofing your home for their safety (and your sanity!)

Taking steps to protect your home and your new pup from potentially hazardous items in the home is part of being a responsible pet owner. Just as you’d baby proof if there was a toddler roaming around the house, this is the same idea – keeping your pet safe from harm.

Tips to keep your dog safe

Here are some measures to take to make your home as safe as possible and protect your new furry friend:

  • Keep them out of the trash. Dogs live by their noses and if they can smell trash, chances are they will try to get at it. If you’re leaving your trash can in a spot where your dog can get at it, you’re issuing an open invitation. In addition to being a huge mess, your dog could ingest something toxic. When you toss something away you think it is out of sight or out of mind: However, your pup could get into foods with Xylitol, which is toxic. They could also get their heads stuck in a chip or cereal bag and that could lead to suffocation. Put the trash can in a room your pup can’t reach.
  • Put briefcases, purses and backpacks away. These bags could have sharp pens, gum with Xylitol, paper, your cash or credit cards and many other hazardous materials to your dog in them. Keep bags out of reach of your pet.
  • Don’t wait for your pup to chew an electrical cord before you address its dangers. Spray cords with bitter apple or bitter cherry spray. Use cord covers to protect your dog from accidental electric shock, burns or worse. If possible, crate train your puppy to protect him from home hazards.
  • Batteries. Remote control devices and your computer mouse can also be dangerous. The batteries in the devices can be easily ingested and lead to illness or worse. Remote controls and computer devices need to be out of reach.
  • Keep medications away. Even medications with child safety caps are no match for a dog’s teeth. All medications, vitamins and supplements need to be safely stored in a secure cabinet that is out of reach of curious pups.
  • Houseplants can be dangerous. If you’ve had houseplants before you got your puppy, you will want to research the plant and make certain it’s not toxic to your pet. If it is, you need to decide whether to find a new home for the plant or put it in a room where the dog can’t reach it.
  • Keep them out of the household cleaners. When you welcome a new pup to your household you may want to look at all your household cleaners and purge those that are harmful to pets. Look for cleaners that are pet-safe or pet-friendly; even when you do this, you still want to keep your pet away from the cleaners. Use child safety latches on the cupboards to keep pets out.
  • Keep ‘em corralled. Some pet parents will crate train their new puppy or dog and many of those pets love spending time in a crate. Other dogs are not fans of crates and get more anxious when put in one. If this is the case, you may want to invest in “baby gates” to block the puppy or dog from getting into a particular space.
  • Don’t let them jump. Depending on the size of your dog or puppy and the height of your furniture, you may want to keep your new pet from jumping onto and off of the furniture. Puppies are curious, but they are also clumsy. You don’t want your puppy to injure himself when he’s home alone. Puppies have fragile bones and risk an injury if they jump off the furniture. If you will allow your puppy or dog to join you on the furniture, you may want to consider doggie steps to help her get off the furniture without risking injury.

Why Boss Dog® Brand cares

Of course, what you feed your new puppy or dog is as important as the safety measures you put in place. As a company, Boss Dog® Brand is committed to making the highest quality pet food and treats to feed your new pet. All Boss Dog® products provide unique benefits such as probiotics and prebiotics. They’re free of soy, corn and GMO’s. Keeping your pet healthy and happy takes conscious decision making from feeding him right to protecting him from potential household hazards. Make the right decision to give your dog or cat the very best. Treat your pet like a boss!

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