Can Probiotics Help Ease Your Dog’s Stress?


Right now your dog is having the time of their life! You’re home thanks to coronavirus and social distancing and they love having you around. But let’s face it, this is a major change in your dog’s routine. Fido and Fluffy are accustomed to you leaving for work, getting a visit or a walk from a pet sitter during the day, and then you coming home to their enthusiastic welcome. But what’s really happening?

Your dog’s reality:

  1. A change in routine just happened abruptly
  2. They’re getting more walks than they usually do
  3. You’re home all day and because you’re also working from home, you’re not able to give them your undivided attention

As a pet parent you may have noticed changes in your dog’s behavior as a result of this. Maybe they just started chewing your shoes or barking at the birds in the yard. At Boss Dog® we pay close attention to our dogs’ health and behavior. During this unprecedented time, we recommend pet owners monitor the health of their animals and help them navigate the constant changes.

How probiotics can help your dog’s stress levels

It’s proven probiotics can help ease belly issues caused by your dog’s anxiety. What are probiotics? They’re live bacteria that offers benefits to your dog’s intestines. Probiotics help decrease the pH levels in your dog’s stomach while helping good gut bacteria thrive. Some probiotic bacteria even attaches itself to the cells of the intestine, which helps release healthy substances that continually promote good bacterial growth.

There are many ways probiotics can alleviate stress or illness:

  1. Probiotics help allergies and the itchy skin. Sometimes stress can also lead to itching and chewing. If your dog is already prone to allergies, stress makes it even worse.
  2. Stress can lead to changes in appetite and digestive ailments. Having good bacteria helps your dog by strengthening gut bacteria, which helps them get more of the good stuff.
  3. If your dog has been on antibiotics for an illness, their intestinal bacteria will be depleted and probiotics can help rebuild it.
  4. If your dog suffers from vomiting or diarrhea because of stress or anxiety, a probiotic can help reestablish good gut bacteria.
  5. Dogs and puppies who’ve recently been adopted or rescued can also have weakened immune systems. The stress of being in a new home from the shelter is a big change for the pup. Probiotics strengthen the immune system and balance out any potential issues that arise from the anxiety of a new home.

Of course, you should always consult with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues. Giving probiotics is something veterinarians approve. They agree it’s a natural way to keep your dog’s gut healthy. And most of all, Boss Dog® products are what’s needed to treat your pet like a boss to keep them healthy and happy.

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