Boss Dog Brand and Pet Ventures: Traveling with your pet


Boss Dog Brand has partnered with Mieke at Pet Ventures to bring you some information on flying with your dog. Stay tuned for more information on tips and tricks of traveling with your dog.

Pet Ventures-

Mieke was born and raised in the Netherlands and has always had a love for dogs. Almost 5 years ago she adopted a tiny 8 week old husky puppy named Tron while she was living and traveling in Vietnam. Many people told her that her traveling days would be over now that she had a dog. Ever since she has been trying to proof them wrong and inspire people to take their pets with them on their travels.

Since then, they have traveled through Europe, done many roadtrips and reside in North America now. As traveling is more fun with more souls, she recently adopted a 1 year old husky pup from Shanghai. His name is Aki and he has already proven himself to be a true adventurer on camping trips and roadtrips to Vancouver Island.

Although it does require some planning, Mieke wants to show that the border does not have to be the end for adventures with your pup. To be able to share the experience and make information regarding pet travel more accessible, Mieke started Petventures. Petventures’s website contains import regulations, transport policies, tips and tricks and stories to inspire you to go explore with your pet.

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