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At Boss Dog® we are 100% dedicated to dogs and providing them high quality products to enjoy. We are also dedicated to supporting organizations that share this passion and mission as we are. We support these organizations by monetary donations as well as participation at local events when possible.

One of our favorite organizations is Pets for Vets. They help our veterans by pairing them a rescue dog deserving of a second chance— now that is a Boss Dog move!

To learn more about Pets for Vets please visit:

*Boss Dog® Brand is not affiliated or endorsed by Pets for Vets.

This organization rescues abandoned dogs from the streets and those at risk at high kill shelters. This a truly a labor of love and done for the love of all dogs!

This amazing group is comprised of first responders and civilians alike and takes dogs from the most dire of situations and works to place them in their forever homes. 

This incredible organization pours its heart into providing sanctuary for Wolfs, Wolf Dogs, Cats and other animals. They focus on a holistic approach to care for these animals while they are in sanctuary and ultimately find them a forever home that can love and care for them the way that In Harmony With Nature does so well!

Their mission is to provide care and resources to animals in need. They offer a wide variety of services such as: adoption, education, training, and rehabilitation services to ensure that unwanted and neglected animals get to live a long and happy life! 

Paws to Share makes it possible for everyone to have the experience and joy of having a pet! They match people with an appropriate animal and schedule visits up to a few times a week, providing the companionship and happiness that pets bring when their living situation may not allow a full time animal such as a small apartment or senior living center. They take amazing care of their animals and ensure that they are a good fit for their clients!

Bullies to the Rescue provides a refuge for rescues in NC, SC, D.C., AL, VA and MD. In 2018 they rescued 226 Bulldogs, positioned 55-60 Bulldogs into foster homes, paid $242,000 in vet care and facilitated 160 adoptions. Bullies 2 The Rescue focuses on Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Rehoming into a loving family!

Heroes for Healthcare is a non-profit organization based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that helps military personnel find their career in healthcare after service. They have a dedicated team that helps the men and women that risked it all to keep us safe start their next chapter. Truly  amazing work to ensure their transition home is a smooth one.

Good Sense Dogs has a passion for the connection between people and animals. They strive to aid in this connection in many ways including training the animals in a more specialized approach for the purpose of being a service dog, therapy dog, dog with specialized skills or training for a desired capability. Good Sense Dogs also has a program where they educate communities that are lacking in basic pet care knowledge with the opportunity to grow and learn to be the best pet owner they can be!

Trials of Purpose was founded with the mission to provide innovative therapy and healing for Veterans through Equine relationships. They have created a safe space to heal, learn, grow and live with purpose. Every trail has a purpose: That is the belief of this amazing organization and one that Boss Dog is proud to get behind.

Spayed Nueter Net

Spay Neuter Network is commited to ending unnecessary euthanasia of pets who are in need of adoption, but sadly there arent enough loving homes to take them in. Boss Dog Brand donated to this organization to help fund critical veterinary services for low-income and impoverished pet owners.
Folds of Honor provides educational scholarships to the family members of America’s fallen and disabled service-members. Boss Dog Brand is proud to support their mission to support our Veterans and the people who risk it all to serve our country.

Boss Dog Brand Donated 400 Frozen Yogurt Treats to ALL Dogs in PACC

On behalf of Central Pet Partners, Boss Dog Brand has donated 400 Frozen Yogurt Treats to PACC- one of Arizona’s largest No Kill Animal Shelter. Every month PACC takes in over one thousand animals and has a live release rate of over 90%. They work tirelessly to find loving homes for their pets and they are succeeding mightily. Boss Dog Brand is proud to partner with such an amazing mission.

On Behalf of Mudbay Boss Dog Brand Supports Oregon Humane Society

On behalf of Mudbay, Boss Dog Brand has donated product to support an event where 100% of the proceeds go towards Oregon Humane Society. They are a nonprofit animal shelter that provides support for over 11,000 pets per year; providing services such as adopting, training, spaying/neutering and many more programs to benefit their community.

Boss Dog Cares About Noah's Bark Animal Rescue

Noahs Bark Animal Rescue is located in Manhattan Beach, CA. Their commitment to finding forever homes for the animals in thier rescues is inspirational. Noah’s Bark gets animals from HIGH-KILL shelters in LA and they work tirelessly to find them that loving home that all of our furrry friends deserve.

BOSS DOG® CARES about the Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project is serving hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women who have been physically or mentally injured from recent military confrontations or engagements. They focus on empowering and bettering the lives of these amazing men and women. Thank you to all of the service men and women, Boss Dog Brand greatly appreciates you!
Boss Dog® Brand is supporting Pets Plus Natural in Lansdale, PA in thier efforts to find loving homes for animals in need! To date Pets Plus Natural has found homes for over 16,000 dogs! That is a lot of dogs that have found their forever homes and we couldn’t be more happy to partner with such an amazing organization!

Victory Service Dogs

Victory Service Dogs provides loving and dependable service dogs to Veterans and First Responders to achieve independence, purpose and a happy and healthy lifestyle! Donations directly help match some one in need with their loving animal that can be there forever companion.

Trips With Pets

Partnering with Trips for Pets, an online pet friendly travel guide featuring online reservations for over 30,000 pet friendly hotels & accommodations across the US and Canada. Trips with Pets will showcase 3 events throughout 2020: Bark for Life Fundraiser, Barktoberfest Fundraiser and Jingle Paws* Fundraiser that all benefit different non profit organizations in North Carolina.

Water Aid

Their primary focus is to help people rise out of poverty by providing them with three major essentials: clean water, decent toilets and good hygeine. Doing this will not only provide a better quality of life but will hopefully change thier lives forever!

Soi Dog

Soi Dogs mission is to end animal cruelty where the dog meat trade is so prevelent: South Korea, Vietnam and other south-east asian countries. Soi Dog also focuses on finding forever homes for the honeless animal population across Asian countires as well. With Soi Dogs help we can save animals near and far!

International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue is an amazing organization working towards creating oneness with animals and humans. They focus on supporting efforts to protect habitats for animals as well as save, rehabilitate and release animals in their care. I.A.R also provided permanent homes for those animals that can no longer fend for themselves in the wild.

Compassion Without Borders mission is to rescue animals from either side of the border. They specifically focus on areas of Mexico where these animals are less likely to be helped. Compassion Without Borders provides essential veterinary services to animals in need as well! What a great organization!

They are a non profit NO KILL Dog Rescue that saves dogs from the meat trade, puppy mills and high kill animal shelters in South Korea. They transfer these dogs to the US and find them loving forever homes!

Manatee County Search and Rescue

This non profit organizaiton is committed to assisting local law enforcement and first respondersin the location of missing persons. This organizaiton is 100% volunteer based and each of the eight trained K9 Search and Rescue Dogs are personally funded by the volunteers. Boss Dog Brand is proud to send food and a monetary amount to continue their mission to serve the Manatee County!


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