Right now your dog is having the time of their life! You’re home thanks to coronavirus and social distancing and they love having you around. But let’s face it, this is a major change in your dog’s routine. Fido and Fluffy are accustomed to you leaving for work, getting a visit or a walk from a pet sitter during the day, and then you coming home to their enthusiastic welcome. But what’s really happening?

Your dog’s reality:

  1. A change in routine just happened abruptly
  2. They’re getting more walks than they usually do
  3. You’re home all day and because you’re also working from home, you’re not able to give them your undivided attention

As a pet parent you may have noticed changes in your dog’s behavior as a result of this. Maybe they just started chewing your shoes or barking at the birds in the yard. At Boss Dog® we pay close attention to our dogs’ health and behavior. During this unprecedented time, we recommend pet owners monitor the health of their animals and help them navigate the constant changes.

How probiotics can help your dog’s stress levels

It’s proven probiotics can help ease belly issues caused by your dog’s anxiety. What are probiotics? They’re live bacteria that offers benefits to your dog’s intestines. Probiotics help decrease the pH levels in your dog’s stomach while helping good gut bacteria thrive. Some probiotic bacteria even attaches itself to the cells of the intestine, which helps release healthy substances that continually promote good bacterial growth.

There are many ways probiotics can alleviate stress or illness:

  1. Probiotics help allergies and the itchy skin. Sometimes stress can also lead to itching and chewing. If your dog is already prone to allergies, stress makes it even worse.
  2. Stress can lead to changes in appetite and digestive ailments. Having good bacteria helps your dog by strengthening gut bacteria, which helps them get more of the good stuff.
  3. If your dog has been on antibiotics for an illness, their intestinal bacteria will be depleted and probiotics can help rebuild it.
  4. If your dog suffers from vomiting or diarrhea because of stress or anxiety, a probiotic can help reestablish good gut bacteria.
  5. Dogs and puppies who’ve recently been adopted or rescued can also have weakened immune systems. The stress of being in a new home from the shelter is a big change for the pup. Probiotics strengthen the immune system and balance out any potential issues that arise from the anxiety of a new home.

Of course, you should always consult with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues. Giving probiotics is something veterinarians approve. They agree it’s a natural way to keep your dog’s gut healthy. And most of all, Boss Dog® products are what’s needed to treat your pet like a boss to keep them healthy and happy.

How do you keep your dog busy? What are the best ways to play with your best friend during this global pandemic? Animal behavior experts say all dogs need plenty of exercise, especially during this unusual time. Veterinary professors at The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine say physical activity helps an animal’s physical and psychological needs. It’s a great way to reduce stress and promotes overall health by increasing an animal’s perception of control and by occupying their time.

Types of dog enrichment

Although social distancing orders have been put in place, it’s absolutely necessary that you entertain your pup at all times.  Whether your dog rolls outside in the grass or uses toys like ropes and tennis balls in your living room, your dog needs to move. So what kind of enrichment do pups need?

Schedule Routine Play Time

With your dog being cooped up at home, it’s great to provide a schedule for them. Animals love predictability.  Perhaps set a time when your dog gets a bone at 1 p.m. or a game of tug-a-war at 7 p.m. Routine makes for an emotionally healthy and happy pet.

Make the best of it

COVID-19 has disrupted the world, our lives and our pets. But one of the best parts about it is getting to spend quality time with your furry family member. Make use of this special time and make it fun for both you and your pet. And, as a special treat, make sure to treat your pet like a boss and give them the nutrition they need… like some Boss Dog® Greek Frozen Yogurt!

Welcoming a new puppy to your family

With the coronavirus taking the country by storm, most of us are forced to stay home. We’ve heard many of our Boss Dog® customers have adopted new puppies or are fostering them for their local animal shelters.  We think that’s awesome.

Knowing that, we thought it would be great to offer some tips to make a smooth transition for you and your new pup. (Many of these tips are great for older dogs too.)

Tips for introducing a new dog to your home

Tips for introducing your new puppy to other animals

  Start puppy training as soon as you bring them home

Finally, every puppy needs optimal nutrition. Our Boss Dog® products, from our Greek Style Frozen Yogurt, to our Boss Pro Puffs, to our Raw Goat’s Milk, all helps ensure your little canine grows into a healthy adult dog.

Remember to give your puppy toys lots of, love and most importantly patience, as they get accustomed to their new lifestyle. Never fear, with time and patience, your dog’s transition will work out just fine.  If you’re welcoming a new puppy home – or have recently welcomed a new pet  – please share a photo with us on our Facebook page!

Welcoming a new puppy or dog to your home means a lot of changes. You’ll potentially face sleepless nights, chewed up shoes and a whole lot of love! If you’ve ever left your new pup home and arrived to find chewed-up shoes, electrical cords, open cupboards and food strewn around, you understand the importance of puppy and dog proofing your home for their safety (and your sanity!)

Taking steps to protect your home and your new pup from potentially hazardous items in the home is part of being a responsible pet owner. Just as you’d baby proof if there was a toddler roaming around the house, this is the same idea – keeping your pet safe from harm.

Tips to keep your dog safe

Here are some measures to take to make your home as safe as possible and protect your new furry friend:

  • Keep them out of the trash. Dogs live by their noses and if they can smell trash, chances are they will try to get at it. If you’re leaving your trash can in a spot where your dog can get at it, you’re issuing an open invitation. In addition to being a huge mess, your dog could ingest something toxic. When you toss something away you think it is out of sight or out of mind: However, your pup could get into foods with Xylitol, which is toxic. They could also get their heads stuck in a chip or cereal bag and that could lead to suffocation. Put the trash can in a room your pup can’t reach.
  • Put briefcases, purses and backpacks away. These bags could have sharp pens, gum with Xylitol, paper, your cash or credit cards and many other hazardous materials to your dog in them. Keep bags out of reach of your pet.
  • Don’t wait for your pup to chew an electrical cord before you address its dangers. Spray cords with bitter apple or bitter cherry spray. Use cord covers to protect your dog from accidental electric shock, burns or worse. If possible, crate train your puppy to protect him from home hazards.
  • Batteries. Remote control devices and your computer mouse can also be dangerous. The batteries in the devices can be easily ingested and lead to illness or worse. Remote controls and computer devices need to be out of reach.
  • Keep medications away. Even medications with child safety caps are no match for a dog’s teeth. All medications, vitamins and supplements need to be safely stored in a secure cabinet that is out of reach of curious pups.
  • Houseplants can be dangerous. If you’ve had houseplants before you got your puppy, you will want to research the plant and make certain it’s not toxic to your pet. If it is, you need to decide whether to find a new home for the plant or put it in a room where the dog can’t reach it.
  • Keep them out of the household cleaners. When you welcome a new pup to your household you may want to look at all your household cleaners and purge those that are harmful to pets. Look for cleaners that are pet-safe or pet-friendly; even when you do this, you still want to keep your pet away from the cleaners. Use child safety latches on the cupboards to keep pets out.
  • Keep ‘em corralled. Some pet parents will crate train their new puppy or dog and many of those pets love spending time in a crate. Other dogs are not fans of crates and get more anxious when put in one. If this is the case, you may want to invest in “baby gates” to block the puppy or dog from getting into a particular space.
  • Don’t let them jump. Depending on the size of your dog or puppy and the height of your furniture, you may want to keep your new pet from jumping onto and off of the furniture. Puppies are curious, but they are also clumsy. You don’t want your puppy to injure himself when he’s home alone. Puppies have fragile bones and risk an injury if they jump off the furniture. If you will allow your puppy or dog to join you on the furniture, you may want to consider doggie steps to help her get off the furniture without risking injury.

Why Boss Dog® Brand cares

Of course, what you feed your new puppy or dog is as important as the safety measures you put in place. As a company, Boss Dog® Brand is committed to making the highest quality pet food and treats to feed your new pet. All Boss Dog® products provide unique benefits such as probiotics and prebiotics. They’re free of soy, corn and GMO’s. Keeping your pet healthy and happy takes conscious decision making from feeding him right to protecting him from potential household hazards. Make the right decision to give your dog or cat the very best. Treat your pet like a boss!

If you’re like most pet parents, you want to give your dog some love. Whether you feed your pup high quality pet foods and treats, give them belly rubs or take them for long walks in the woods, our dogs know we love them. But sometimes we talk with pet parents who are simply looking for even more ways to show affection.

Five ways to show a dog you love them

  1. Spend time with them. Any time you hang out with your dog is quality time. They love being around us. Sitting on the couch and leaning into you is a treat. Letting them lie at your feet while talking to them makes them feel love.
  1. Take them for a walk in a new location. Your dog will likely find new scents no matter where you walk them, but if you walk around the same neighborhood on the same sidewalks every day, why not shake things up and take a hike or walk in a new area? How about a cemetery? Yes, a cemetery! They are typically beautifully landscaped, have rolling hills and you can learn a lot about your local history. 
  1. Feed them high quality foods and treats. There is no better way to show love than by keeping your pets healthy and well-fed for a lifetime. High quality food and treats like the ones I created for Boss Dog® Brand, will keep your pet at a healthy weight. Great nutrition is the best way to keep your pup’s weight under control and their digestive health strong.
  1. Fun and games. Keep your dog entertained both physically and mentally. A romp in the backyard or a rousing game of fetch is a great way to bond with your pet. Don’t forget that food puzzle toys are fun as well, and can keep them entertained, especially if your dog is home alone.
  1. Train your dog. Puppies benefit from basic obedience training. Positive reinforcement training is a great way to bond with your puppy and make them a great canine citizen. Work with your dog to teach them new tricks once they master basic obedience. Easy tricks to start with are fetch, lie down, shake hands and roll over. Your dog will love the time you spend with them as they learn new skills.

A couple bonus ways to show your dog love is a good, old-fashioned ear rub and just looking him in the eyes and saying, “I love you.” They may not understand the words, but they will understand the emotion. 

Why Boss Dog® Brand cares
I am committed to making the highest quality pet food and treats. When you feed these to your dog, they may not know how much you love them, but you will know and you feel good about feeding them Boss Dog® Brand products. Our products provide unique benefits such as probiotics and prebiotics. Keeping your pet healthy and happy takes conscious decision making. Make the right decision to give your dog the very best. Treat your pet like a boss!

Boss Dog Brand Sponsors Paws on the Road Canadian Adventure

Getting dogs adopted while raising money for animal welfare and environmental causes

What happens when a French dog trainer, a French filmmaker and a big fluffy white Samoyed travel across the Atlantic Ocean and land in Canada? You get a Paws on the Road Adventure!

Mégane Lê and Florian Rodriguez are natives of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. Their goal is to help homeless dogs in Canada get adopted while they showcase the beauty of Canada. At the end of April, the couple and their fluffy dog Haiko will load up their van and start their journey west, beginning in Quebec and ending in British Columbia.

Paws on the Road Details

Throughout the trip, the couple will stop at shelters and rescues in every province, where Mégane hopes to use her dog training skills to help homeless dogs learn good manners so they can get adopted faster. Florian will document the entire trip to create a feature film of their life and adventures through Canada, while also promoting the animal welfare organizations they visit through social media along the way.

Paws on the Road also has a fundraising component. The French couple hopes to raise money for each shelter and rescue they visit, while also building awareness for three international charities: Soi Dog, WaterAid and International Animal Rescue. Both Mégane and Florian are passionate about animals, nature and the environment.

The International Charities

Soi dog’s mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both animal and human communities. The group works tirelessly to fight the Asian dog meat trade. (www.soidog.org)

WaterAid is focused on helping people break free from poverty to change their lives through clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. (www.wateraid.org)

International Animal Rescue focuses on building awareness to implement effective systems so habitats and animals are protected. They not only save animals from suffering, but they rehabilitate and release them back into the wild and work to protect their precious natural habitats. (www.internationalanimalrescue.org)

Boss Dog Brand® Funding

Boss Dog Brand® is pleased to help fund Mégane and Florian’s Paws on the Road adventure. The Seattle based company believes in giving back to the animal welfare community that works tirelessly to save and rescue homeless animals throughout the United States and Canada.

The company is the brainchild of Vasili Nassar, who founded the line of pet products for his own pets. Boss Dog Brand® products feature probiotics to aid digestive health and are made from whole and organic products. (www.bossdogbrand.com)

To learn more about Paws on the Road go to: http://tinyurl.com/trrl4fj

During the winter In most states throughout the country, it can get chilly and damp. Many Boss Dog® customers live in colder climates in Canada, the Northeast or the Midwest in the United States, where pet owners are dealing with lots of snow and zero degree temperatures. I know less than ideal weather makes exercising your dog challenging and a pain. But you need to remember, a happy and healthy pet has to move.

Your dog needs exercise even when it’s cold out

How much exercise does your dog need? That depends on your pup’s age and health condition. A puppy is going to need way more than a senior. But for most dogs, a walk around the block isn’t enough. Most canines need a 30 to 60 minute daily walk for optimal benefit. Your dog should begin showing signs of being tired by the time you stop.

I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Kelby. He’s a pretty active, big dog. Every day I try to give him at least 30 minutes of hard aerobic exercise, whether that’s my kids playing with him in the house, taking a walk, or simply letting him run around in the backyard. Even in the dead of winter when it’s absolutely miserable, we keep Kelby moving.

I also have a small dog named Toby. Just like Kelby, we always try to get Toby outside no matter what. Lots of people think toy or small breeds can get enough exercise inside the house, but that’s not true. Smaller dogs can get far more movement outdoors. Just be sure your little dog is not out in extreme weather conditions.

How to exercise your dog inside

When it’s bad outside, there are still many activities you can do with your pup:

  • Run up and down the stairs with your dog: stand at the top of the stairs and throw your pup’s favorite toy down and have them bring it back up to you.
  • Make an obstacle course: buy an indoor agility set or make your own. Then have the animal run through the tunnel or line up pillows to form a tunnel.
  • Feed your dog through food puzzles: Your dog should work for its food. Make eating a game and something they have to earn.
  • Play with tug toys: if your dog is not aggressive or dominant, buy some tug toys so you can play together. Make sure you always have control over your dog when playing with these kinds of toys.

Winter can make your dog gain weight

Making sure your dog is getting exercise is even more important for your pup’s weight. A Banfield Pet Hospital study found the majority of dogs in the United States are overweight. Obesity has been found to be a factor in diabetes, respiratory disease, and heart disease. It makes other common orthopedic issues like hip dysplasia and arthritis even worse. Extra weight has been proven to stress joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Develop your dog’s exercise plan based on your lifestyle

If your dog’s exercise regimen doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, you’re not going to keep up with it and your dog will suffer.  Make sure you come up with a plan that’s realistic, especially during the winter. If you live an active lifestyle, take your dog for a brisk walk or jog if it’s not too slippery outside.  More of a home body? Play ball with your dog while you’re watching TV during commercial breaks. Do something you know you can do daily with your pet.

Winter! There is no time like the present!

 Even though it may be challenging, lets get your dog moving this winter! After you get your dog huffing and puffing, treat them to something of high value that serves as a tasty reward: like any of our Boss Dog® Brand products. And don’t forget, the daily sessions you spend with your dog strengthens the emotional bond between the two of you. That’s treating your pet like a boss and giving them special time with you.

We all know probiotics are great for our digestive system. The live bacteria promotes great gut health, which is safe, healthy and beneficial for us. But what about probiotics for dogs?

The benefits of probiotics for pets

Digestive health is even more important for pets thanks to the fact that their immune system resides in their digestive tract. By providing these beneficial probiotics to your dog’s diet, you are supporting your pet’s digestive system in getting rid of the harmful bacteria that causes illnesses.

Boss Dog® Brand products are made with the highest quality ingredients and provide the probiotics your dog needs. Essentially, probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids, also referred to as SCFA’s. These acids hinder the growth of bacteria that is harmful to your pet, such E. Coli and Salmonella, while encouraging the health of the intestines and the digestive system as a whole.

There have been many scientific studies about the use of probiotics in dogs. Many found that exposing your pet to probiotics can help medical issues such as gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, liver disease as well as mood and behavior problems. Benefits also include better skin and coat appearance, less gas and better breath.

How Boss Dog® Brands support your dog’s gut health

We offer a diverse array of foods and treats that are safe and healthy for your pet. Our Freeze Dried Raw Diet is an easy way to provide your pet with optimal nutrition and you can serve it as a complete meal, snack, topper or mixer with your pet’s other foods. The Freeze Dried Raw Diet comes in several varieties, including “protein first” beef, chicken or whitefish & salmon recipes.  Our Raw Goat Milk, loaded with Probiotics, DHA and Taurine can be used to enhance any meal; and why not finish it off with a boss dog Greek Style Frozen Yogurt Treat for Pets, available in Real Cheddar and Bacon, Peanut Butter and Banana, and Pumpkin and Cinnamon varieties.

One of our top priorities at Boss Dog is providing your pet with delicious food that will appeal to even the most finicky of animals. With our probiotic-infused nutrition, you will know your animal is getting the very best for its digestive system, all while it savors every bite or slurp. Of course, all this care in the creation of our products is simply because we believe in one thing:  you should treat your pet like a boss! They deserve the very best.  Learn more at www.bossdogbrand.com.

Surf the internet and you’ll see all kinds of bowls for your pets: silicone, stainless steel, ceramic, stoneware and plastic. But which ones are best for your furry friend? With so many types on the market, we at Boss Dog® Brands wanted to know.

Why you shouldn’t use plastic bowls for your pet
The most common pet food bowls are made of plastic. Did you know plastic bowls can be dangerous for your dog or cat? Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider another type:

Better bowl options
While plastic isn’t the best, we found tons of other options. We looked at ceramic, stoneware, silicone and stainless steel.

Ceramic pet bowls
Ceramic pet bowls are a good alternative to plastic if the glaze that coats the bowls doesn’t have lead or other kinds of chemicals. The best way to make sure the bowl is safe is to buy a bowl designed for food use and coated with a lead-free glaze.

Stoneware pet bowls
There has been research that has shown some stoneware pet bowls may have lead in them. Researchers have found small traces, but so many products have minute amounts of lead in them, that it’s becoming all too common. Stoneware is not perfect but still better than plastic bowls.

Silicone pet bowls
Silicone is a great alternative to the plastic pet bowl. Nontoxic, nonstick, and rubber-like; high quality silicone products are heat-resistant and don’t harbor stains or odors. Silicone bowls can lack rigidity; however, which means it can flop over. (Think of those collapsible, traveling dog bowls.)

Why stainless steel is the best
At Boss Dog®, all our employees use stainless steel pet bowls to feed our animals. We know they don’t trap dangerous bacteria or leak harmful chemicals. And, they’re easy to care for with some simple soap and hot water. Just toss it into the dishwasher! Many options also feature rubber bottoms to grip the floor, so you don’t have to clean up as often when Fido knocks over his water.

Why Boss Dog® Brand cares
Of course, what you put into your bowls is just as important as the bowl you choose. As a company, we are committed to making the highest quality pet food and treats.  All Boss Dog® products provide unique benefits such as probiotics and prebiotics. And they’re free of grain, soy and corn. Keeping your pet healthy and happy takes conscious decision making. Make the right decision to give your dog or cat the very best. Treat your pet like a boss!

Boss Dog Brand has partnered with Mieke at Pet Ventures to bring you some information on flying with your dog. Stay tuned for more information on tips and tricks of traveling with your dog.

Pet Ventures- www.pet-ventures.com

Mieke was born and raised in the Netherlands and has always had a love for dogs. Almost 5 years ago she adopted a tiny 8 week old husky puppy named Tron while she was living and traveling in Vietnam. Many people told her that her traveling days would be over now that she had a dog. Ever since she has been trying to proof them wrong and inspire people to take their pets with them on their travels.

Since then, they have traveled through Europe, done many roadtrips and reside in North America now. As traveling is more fun with more souls, she recently adopted a 1 year old husky pup from Shanghai. His name is Aki and he has already proven himself to be a true adventurer on camping trips and roadtrips to Vancouver Island.

Although it does require some planning, Mieke wants to show that the border does not have to be the end for adventures with your pup. To be able to share the experience and make information regarding pet travel more accessible, Mieke started Petventures. Petventures’s website contains import regulations, transport policies, tips and tricks and stories to inspire you to go explore with your pet.


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