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The Best Dog Food Bowls

Surf the internet and you’ll see all kinds of bowls for your pets: silicone, stainless steel, ceramic, stoneware and plastic. But which ones are best for your furry friend? With so many types on the market, we at Boss Dog® Brands wanted to know. Why you

Boss Dog Brand and Pet Ventures: Traveling with your pet

Boss Dog Brand has partnered with Mieke at Pet Ventures to bring you some information on flying with your dog. Stay tuned for more information on tips and tricks of traveling with your dog. Pet Ventures- Mieke was born and raised in the Netherlands and

Raw Pet Food and Boss Dog Brand: What you need to know

Go into any brick and mortar pet store, and you will notice more and more freezers lining the aisles with raw pet food. Retail sales of raw food brands are growing steadily, as more and more cat and dog owners believe in the nutritional benefits of

Boss Dog Cares: Holiday giving for Pet nonprofits

At Boss Dog® Brands, we strive to provide your pet with wholesome foods they are sure to love and enjoy. Beyond the creation of amazing meals, did you know we also go above and beyond in the name of homeless animals? We support animal welfare organizations


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