(Seattle, WA, January 6, 2020) – Want to see the latest innovations in raw, natural pet food? Boss Dog® Brands will be showcasing its Raw Goats Milk, Frozen Yogurt Treats, Freeze Dried Raw Diets and new ProPuffs dog treats with probiotics at the upcoming Animal Supply Co. Los Angeles Buying show January 13 and 14.

As the leading distributor of wholesale pet products, Animal Supply Co. is holding the event to provide companies like Boss Dog the opportunity to get in front of the country’s leading west coast retailers. A fast growing company that started in November of 2018, Boss Dog is now in hundreds of boutique pet stores across the United States and Canada. Sales have been steadily increasing month after month as pet owners have seen the value in Boss Dog products.

The company started with the creation of Raw Goats Milk and Frozen Yogurt treats, which feature millions of probiotics per serving. Boss Dog’s Raw Goat Milk is a digestive aid that helps pets get their daily need for moisture, while the Frozen Yogurt is lactose free and contains cultures that are specific to a pet’s digestive needs.

Last fall Boss Dog launched its Freeze Dried Raw Diets for Dogs, which features high quality proteins, as well as vegetables and fruits that are shaped into Nuggs(TM). Each Nugg is infused with Probiotics to deliver your dog digestive benefit in every bite.

Finally, we’re excited to announce our new PRO PUFFS dog treats are coming to a pet store near you. The treats are full of ancient grains and has millions of probiotics that are full of live and active cultures. The treats are high in fiber, protein, antioxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

The company was started by Vasili Nassar, who founded the line of pet products for his dog Kelby, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who had digestive issues. After Kelby refused to eat food after food, the Seattle entrepreneur knew he had no choice but to create his pup’s meals from scratch.


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